How to Check Charges and Future Court Dates Online

If you are wondering what criminal, drug, restraining order or traffic charges you are facing or when your next court date is: it is now possible to check this information on the Magistrates Court of Western Australia website. The Magistrates Court website was recently updated to include access to the eCourts Portal.

The eCourts Portal retrieves data from the court information database and is available to the general public. It allows you to check the following information:

  • current pending charges as well as charge numbers;
  • future court dates, time of court appearance and court location;
  • current plea on a particular charge;

Although the eCourts Portal is accessed through the Magistrates Court of Western Australia website, it will display information relating to charges and appearances before the District Court, Supreme Court and Stirling Gardens Magistrates Court.

Information pertaining to Children’s Court appearances will not be automatically displayed due to legislation prohibiting the identification of young offenders. However, some information can be retrieved by searching using a charge number.

The eCourts Portal also allows you to check any fines or infringements registered with the fines enforcement registry. You can also check the due date of any payments owed to the fines enforcement registry and make payments online.

You can also check today’s court listings for the Magistrates Court, District Court, Supreme Court as well as the State Administrative Tribunal.

You can access the eCourts Portal by clicking here.