Traffic Lawyers In Perth

Drink driving lawyer perthHave you ever found yourself on the wrong side of traffic law? It’s not something we’d wish on anyone because it can be just as terrifying as being charged with a serious crime. In fact, it’s true to say that some of the crimes committed on the road are as harmful as other crimes. Some traffic offences can result in lengthy prison sentences or big fines. What can you do if you are charged with a road traffic offence? What can you do to prevent being  charged?

It goes without saying that you should practice safe driving techniques at all times. Be aware that any distraction, even holding a conversation or listening to music can be dangerous. Keep your radio at an average volume so you can hear what is happening around you and make sure you always obey the speed limit. Never use headphones whilst driving.

We offer this advice in the hope that you will never land in any trouble out on the road. But if you do, you will need to know you can contact a great traffic lawyer.

Traffic Law Experts In Perth

If you’re looking for a traffic lawyer in Perth, we can offer our full services on the matter. There are numerous reasons you might need a lawyer for a crime committed on the road and we cover them all. Whether you have been charged with reckless or dangerous  driving or you have been involved in a serious crash: we can assist you with representation.

Paxman & Paxman are experienced traffic lawyers in Perth, contact us today for our advice and help in all types of traffic offences and concerns you may haveTo help us do this, it’s important you know how respond to after being involved in an incident on the road. After the incident, you should be noting down everything that has happened in as much detail as possible. It’s important that you get all the facts so that we can arrange the best representation possible.

If you are requested to do so by the police, you must identify the driver of your vehicle as well as provide your name, address and date of birth. Do not answer any further questions or participate in any interview until you have spoken to us. Do not be argumentative with the police or resist arrest. If you think you were unfairly treated we will handle this at a later stage.

Drink Driving Lawyers in Perth

One of the most common offences on the road is drink driving. The law is taking a stricter stance against drink drivers, and that is why you need an experiences traffic lawyer to represent you. To avoid facing this type of incident, we recommend that you don’t drink and drive at all. It’s incredibly easy find yourself over the .05 limit without realising it. For that reason, it’s best not to risk the possibility and take a chance. Always drink responsibly.

However, if you are charged with this crime, you can count on our services for good defence representation. We will strive to work with the prosecuting team to get the best outcome available. If you believe you have been wrongly accused of this crime, we will work to get the charges dropped or mount the best defence possible. It’s important to realise without a great defence team a crime like this can result a much harsher punishment than it otherwise should have.

It’s easy to think that if you obey the rules of the road, you will not have to deal with traffic law. But occasionally, the situation is out of your control. At that point you will need the defence of one of our best lawyers.

If you need a traffic lawyer today or any more advice please contact us on 1300 274 692 or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.