WA Police back flip on failing strategies

Police commissioner Karl O’Callaghan defends his back flip over his new Frontline 2020 policing model. Since it was introduced 2 and half years ago, crime rates in Perth have been climbing by up to 20 percent. Now he’s scrambling to fix it.

We’ve been sold lies time and time again that “tough new laws” will “stamp out” offences such as burglaries, assaults on police, high speed chases, breaching restraining orders to name a few. Yet here we are with spiralling crime rates, record numbers of people locked up in prison at the taxpayer’s expense, innocent people having their cars wrongfully seized, invasions of privacy by police, the list goes.

Tougher penalties DO NOT WORK. Do you think a burglar looks up the penalty he might get before he goes in through your kitchen window? No.

Karl O’Callaghan is an ineffective leader who is far too focussed on playing politics and manipulating public opinion instead of fighting and preventing crime.

Why are we giving up our rights and liberties for increased crime and a police state? Why?